Materials and Care Instructions

Below are universal tips on jewelry care. Lotions, perfumes, chlorine, sweat, and other chemicals can damage metals and natural stones. Take off jewelry when you shower, swim, and during high impact activities such as working out. To lessen metal oxidation and the altering of natural stones' colors, keep jewelry in an airtight bag and out of direct sunlight when storing. These are meant to be heirloom pieces, rather than fast fashion jewelry so here is some long-term care information. 

More About Materials:

Sterling Silver: Silver will tarnish/dull over time. Some people prefer this for a vintage look to their jewelry. If you prefer your silver shiny, use a simple polishing cloth (no solutions/chemicals necessary) to maintain shine.

Brass/Bronze: These metals will darken overtime. If you prefer a lighter color, use a polishing cloth to maintain. Brass and Bronze have a higher copper content than sterling silver. For that reason, people who turn green when they wear copper could turn green by wearing a brass piece; especially if it is a ring or cuff since those have more contact with the skin. 

Stones/Crystals: I use natural stones that have not been color enhanced in my work. Natural stones change color over time and can happen from sunlight, exposure to chemicals, and even from the oils in our skin. To lessen this overtime, a good practice is to keep them out of sunlight and to store them out of direct sunlight.

Gold-Plated: Gold plating is when a small coating of gold is added on top of other metals. The best way to maintain this is to take extra precautions in avoiding water etc. Gold plated pieces should not be polished as that can rub off the plating.

Gold-fill: Gold-fill is when solid gold is bonded with another metal. This method is meant to better maintain the gold color over time. One is able to gently use a polishing cloth sparingly if needed. Like other metals, it is important to avoid chemicals, water, etc. Gold-fill is an affordable alternative to solid gold jewelry and one that is meant to hold up over time. For that reason, gold-fill is more expensive than gold plated jewelry and often times is more expensive than sterling silver.