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Opal & Praying Hands Charm Necklace

Designer: Selina Baca

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Sterling silver chain necklace with an Ethiopian Opal, a praying hands charm, and a three rays charm. Opals are known to reflect the mood of the wearer and aids in releasing inhibitions.

The praying hands are a representation of spirituality and our divine connection to the higher powers. Regardless of religion, spirituality is a beautiful tool we have to connect us to our higher self. I designed these praying hands with acrylic nails and hand tattoos to embrace modern femininity. Body adornment in jewelry, tattoos, etc are ways we celebrate who we are and wish to be.  


  • Sterling Silver
  • Ethiopian Opal Faceted stone
  • Handmade in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA                                                                                

 Size: 19 inch chain