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Elongated Mariposa Earrings

Designer: Selina Baca

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 The Elongated Mariposa earrings are feminine in muted tones making them perfect for daily wear or special occasions. 

Peruvian Opals are said to help reduce stress and aid in approaching the future with a heightened level of tranquility. 

Moonstones are helpful during new beginnings as well as promoting patience and acceptance. 

Part of the larger divinity collection which honors traditional Hispanic designs, re-imagined in new ways. The pieces are meant to adorn each goddess as they embrace their true divinity. 


  • Brass/Bronze charms
  • Gold fill earring wires 
  • Peruvian Opals, Moonstone, Pearls
  • Handmade in New Mexico, USA                                                                                    

 Size: 3 inches long & 3.5 inches long